About us

Why is this site here?

I started this site was when I realised just how much knowledge I had developed during my on line dating journey. I spend a lot of money, time and effort and even some blood, sweat and tears getting this information together. I hate to count how many dating sites I signed up to and online profiles I developed, refined, used and refined again.

My Experiences

I managed to rack up an amazing number of dates, most of them fantastic. I found some great women on line and had lots of fun. I have even travelled to other countries for a date. I am fortunate enough to have found a truly exceptional woman now. Having achieved my nirvana I thought I should share the knowledge. This will save you guys a lot of time, money and effort, not to mention grief.

As much as I have learnt I realise this dating business is ever changing. I therefore grab the best available advice and consultants out there. When we offer advice or services we are focusing on the providers that suit you best given you location, experience and desired outcomes. The specialists are chosen to ensure our services, which come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, never leaves a client feeling they did not receive good value.

Achieve to the level you want

The site is here to help you achieve your dating goals. You may want to break a world record for the number of dates that end with a big…. tick. Or maybe you may want to have some great woman friends or even meet ‘the one’. No matter what you are looking for a lot of the base knowledge, off line and on line, is the same. We are here to give you the confidence and tools so that you are encouraged into action. If you don’t dive in and put your new skills into action you will not become the dating hero that you want to be.

Read up, watch the videos and let us know what more you want to hear, tell us about your successes and any questions you have. You can contact us through contact@beadatinghero.com or social media or comment at the bottom of any of the articles or blogs.

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Don’t forget to follow us on social media, just click on the links below. We will bring you more information, a little fun and lots of laughs as we help you to become a dating hero! We all know the girls love a hero.

PS yes I will remain anonymous as I do have a mom and gf that I want keep happy. Neither need to know all about must past exploit, much safer that way!

Wishing you happiness and success

Look forward to hearing all about your successes and site feedback


Nic (your online dating hero advisor)