7 signs that you are now really in love

happy couple how to talk to women and fall in love

You know how to talk to women. Now you think you are in love?

You know how to talk to women but have you gone beyond that with this lady are you in love? Surely not. Hard to admit it to yourself but it feels so good, this must be the real one. But love is a little scary. What happens if it is not returned? What happens if it all falls apart too soon? Should you seize the moment or just cruise along and wait and see? You need to make sure.

You seriously need to know if its love. We are here to help. We have provided 7 key signs so you can check it out for yourself. See if it is love. If you tick the boxes then woa life is seriously good.

Its more than her looks

She looks pretty hot, but wow her beauty goes way beyond that. When she wakes up. When she is in her track pants sitting in front of the TV. Even when she is hot and sweaty and dirty! Wow she just looks great all the time. You know how to talk to women but someone she takes your breathe away and you can hardly talk.

If you like a bit of deep thinking, then check out this article. It discusses Keats and how ‘a thing of beauty lasts forever’. You may never have heard of Keats but you seriously know her beauty will last forever. The way she makes you feel will ensure that. Can life really be this good?

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All your plans – she’s in them

When you think about buying season tickets. You have to get one for her too. Catch up with the guys. Yes she’s coming no questions there. If one of the guys has a problem its their problem not yours. You know how to talk to women if they cannot handle it that’s their issue.

You just want to hang out a lot of the time and know you feel a lot better when with her.

That Chemistry thing – its there in spades, your addicted

Suddenly you are addicted. You have heard about chemistry but you are now an addict. You want to be with her, chat, communicate. All the time! Well it really is Chemistry. This BrainHQ article confirms there is a chemical that makes you feel great when you are in love. Your body develops it when you are in love and you need more.

Sex is on hold – and you don’t have an issue.

She is keen to hold on the sex for now and you amaze yourself by saying no problems. And you really mean it. Respect, love and trust all work together. Its all good as you know if this is what she wants then you are happy to wait. You cannot do without her and you just want her to be happy. You know in the long term it will be amazing.

The futures so bright – and she’s in it.

When you look to the future she is always there. Ok so you are not sure about telling her about this yet, but you feel so good about the future when you see her in it. You can see how it might all turn out.

The best part is its how she makes you feel about the future. You feel confident whenever you are with her that the future will be great. You feel 7 foot tall and bullet proof. Its amazing what she does for you. The ability to let you know yourself better has been amazing.

Part of being confident about the future is your families. You both feel great about introducing each other to your families. Wow you feel so great when you know she wants you to meet her family. And you seriously want your family to like her. You know she is serious too.

There are so many signs

Sure, you started writing Luv on the end of texts. Your facebook profile, well that’s changed. Your Instagram, wow she is the star attraction there. There are 3 words you have not quite said yet …. I love You. But yes, they are on your lips. When do you spill it? Not sure but you know you will. What’s more the way you get on you know you will see that beautiful smile of hers light up when you do. That smile that lights up a room and makes your heart warm.

You know it will not be long know before you use those words.

Jealous not suspicious

It can be weird but when you see her with guys or see her friends list you feel a little jealous. But you know you love her. So even though you are a little jealous you just do not feel suspicious. Your love works so you are comfortable that she really only has eyes for you. Other guys know how to talk to women but no one talks to her like you can you can see you make her feel special.

Bringing it all together

Yes when you bring it all together love is scary but oh so awesome. To tell someone you love them can be like jumping off a cliff and they are the only person that can catch you. That is part of the joy, you know they will catch you.

So go through all the points above. If you get a tick to most then you are in love. You’re a lucky guy.

Tell us more about your love.