Are you dating the wrong girl?

dating the wrong girl is bad you ned some good dating advice for men.

how to attract a woman - make upDating advice for men is very important. There is nothing worse than being in a bad relationship. Read this advise and work it out.

You know the feeling when you start to think everything she does just annoys you because well you just do not even know why it is just everything. Hence your mates are not quite as friendly nowadays and you don’t catch up as much. There is a link you know it because well frankly they find your partner fairly annoying. Think you have had enough of the dating advice for men because you’ve tried it all. It could be there is no specific instance or event but you just feel annoyed. Where once you could think of nothing else but spending time together. Now you make excuses why you cannot catch up.

If your not sure if you should serious ad just in a hard time in your relationship you need to ask these questions. Check out this dating advice for men and now whether you should get down and make the relationship work. Or know that, yes, she is not the girl for me. Read the points below and work it out.

Just not happy.

Are you happy or not. Its pretty simple question that only you can answer. Relationships have their moments. Sometimes its all plain sailing sometimes its hard work. But if you cannot associate happiness with the relationship any more then its not looking great. But you must look at what is causing this unhappiness. Is it the relationship or other issues?

Your self esteem is very low

Just as you try to make her feel appreciated so you expect the same from her. It seems she really doesn’t appreciate anything you do. Some guys don’t do the little things but if you are one who does you should get the same in return.

Having someone not return the little things can make you feel a bit undeserving. Maybe you don’t deserve those little things? You can take a hit to your confidence and self esteem. Its not good.

Once you are in a relationship that brings you down you have to be careful. You need to decide if you can bring the relationship up before it drags you down to a level where you will struggle to get out. Some people are toxic and suck the life out of people around them. Don’t be involved with those people. You need to know how to talk to women and get some advise from women as well as guys on your relationship.

Take your time getting back to her

You used to love hearing from her. Getting her texts, checking out her facebook. Now its all a bit of a drag. You don’t respond straight away. You put it off and sometimes forget about even responding. This is one of the first signs that all is not well. Sometimes you have to go to basics and think how to attract girls and if you want to put that effort in with your partner as you have to keep working at it. If you feel the effort is not worth it well…

People often ask, why are you with her?

There were a few little red flags from your mum when you started dating. But hey that’s what mums do. But because some of your mates are starting to comment, that seriously you are not a good match you start to think. Do you need some dating advice for men to understand again why you are dating her? Consequently you start to think about what drove you to want her in the first place? It was just a comment here and there at first but it seems to be getting more frequent. Even the girls at work make comment. Your brother, he doesn’t even know what you ever saw in her. Wow everyone seems to be concerned. This can’t be coincidence. Maybe its time to bail if everyone else sees it as a major issue.

You need to step back and review her. Remember why you got together. Why you stayed together? Where are you headed? Sometimes you have to cut your losses. You need to know what women want from men and in particular what you woman wants. Is it what you want to give?

You just don’t think about her

When you really don’t think about someone they soon pick it up. She knows and this can be a downward spiral with her reducing her focus on you. Or possibly demanding your attention. Wanting to know where you go and who you meet with. Starting to try and take control of you to make you love her again. It seems like this could make life very hard.

Is she nice to people?

To understand her attitude to the world see how she treats others. Take note of her behaviour when you are out. How does she treat the waiter since this can be a sign of disrespect for many people? The shop assistant? What about your mates and your family? Is she reasonable? Is she nice to them?

Do you find you have to defend her behaviour to people your friends and family? Is your heart in it? Is she being reasonable? Are they being unreasonable? She always has an excuse for what she said or did to these people and you believe her. Hence it is a pattern that’s a bit too common?

She really annoys you.

You try to overlook it but she does seriously annoy you. Often there is a few things that have happened that can never be undone and it is hard for the relationship to recover. Suddenly all the little things start to become annoying. As a result the respect is lost. Sometimes there is no particular thing that has gone wrong, the relationship just isn’t right. Once the initial honeymoon phase is over it just gets tough.

Your futures are very different

One of the biggest factors that tells you that its really not happening is your vision for the future. Maybe one of you also wants kids and the other doesn’t. One loves living by the sea the other the river. You do need to compromise because in any relationship you need give and take. To develop a shared vision needs respect for the other. But if your core values are very different then it will be hard to make it long term.

Bringing it all together

When you put it all together relationships are about making you feel good. Sure there are some hard times but there are some amazing times. If you friends and family notice a change in you. A bit more confidence. A spring in your step. That’s a sign that you are happy and comfortable.

The thing is if you are unhappy it is pretty likely she is too. What you have to do is work out what is the problem. Is it you are just not matched? Or is the communication just not quite right? Do you keep asking your mates for dating advice for men and applying it to yourself and see if you are doing ok and it should not be this hard?

You both want to be happy so do yourselves a favour. Make life happy for each other even if it means separating.