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Body language plays a critical part in our communication. Whether its a first date or in a long term relationship you need to know what signals your body is sending. If it contradicts what you are saying you will create doubts about your sincerity. Your first date could be your last. Get it right though and your are well on your way. Please find all the latest tips and news on body language.

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The hidden words can be more powerful than the spoken words

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Body language is important in every aspect of your life
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7 tips on using skype to make it work for you.
This article is on skype interveiws but that is what you are doing especially if you skype a date prior to meeting so read and implement!

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Business rules of body language – can help your dating skills
Business takes body language seriously so should you especially on first date..

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It could be that watching peoples feet can tell you a lot more about the words they are saying.

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