Know what women want from men – show it in your profile

what women want from men should be covered in your profile
what women want from men - online dating mastery
Get your online profile right

What women want from men? Big question and your profile has to answer it.

What women want from men is your starting point when you write your online dating profile. We have all been there, found the right dating site, put the profile on line then you just sit back and watch all the women message you. Oh well maybe not the last bit. Want to get your profile right? Well the best way is to use scientific research. Ok I could just give you a heap of links to the research, you could subscribe to the journals and spend a few months getting it together. But why should you do that when I will?

So below are the key areas you need to focus on if you want to get to your success asap. I have combined the research with my own personal experiences and my friends and family are sick of my questioning them as part of market research as well.

Profile name

Yes the profile name is critical. Think about it. When you read the profiles of your potential dates you immediately picture up an image of someone just from their profile name. Yes you can just choose whatever you like but will that bring you the best dates unlikely. What women want from men is secret to success when choosing your name. The name is the bit that opens the door it gets someone wanting to know more or just skip over you so its pretty critical. You need to check out more details in our profile name tips on what makes a great profile name.

Profile Photo

You have all seen it some really strange photos on profiles. Why do people do this? Yes you need to be you and fine a picture with you and your best 6 mates is cool and they love being there. But is it really effective in getting a date? Well there is a lot of research into this aspect of the profile. In short the main profile picture is critical. Sure there is a lot more to you than the favourite shot of you in the main pics. But get the profile picture right and wow you just increase your chances of success significantly.

Don’t have a photo? Well according to eHarmony that reduces your chances by a factor of 9. Yes adding a photo increases your chances of getting a date by 9 so do it and get it right. Main suggestion – read our tips on online dating profile photos.

Headline message

Yes this is the next element you need to get right. You need to keep it snappy focussed and attractive. This is where people start to get a bit of an idea about you. Photo and profile name grab their attention. This is your chance to hold their attention. So check out our headline message article so you can get it right.

Photo Gallery

You have done a great job. You have read our advise. Lured them in using the knowledge you have gained. They loved your profile, photo and snappy headline. Now some people are very visual and will jump straight to your photo gallery. This is your chance to show a bit more about you. A picture says a thousand words.

But what are they looking for. Well they want to see you but you want to up your odds of them go beyond looking and start clicking. So you have to understand their psychology. That’s not an easy thing. But our article on gallery photos will help you out there.

Main Profile

This is where the rubber really hits the road. Think with every line about what women want from men. What info do you put in here? How long should your online dating profile be? Is it all about me or my dream woman. Well like everything in life it’s about a balance. A bit about you a bit about her. Yes there is a ratio of about you versus me that gives the best results but I suggest you read my article on your online dating profile to get the full lowdown.

You have to bring your personality out here. Like your gallery photos this is your chance to attract a woman that is right for you. That means emphasising the points about you that do attract women from scientific research and maybe keeping a low profile on what will turn them off. Read my article on your profile. A little time spent upfront will zoom your results right up there, you will have your calendar full of dates before you know it.

Bringing it together

This article provides some basic about the key parts that make up your profile. Yes you need a picture to maximise success. You need to talk about the aspects of you that would attract a women right. Have the right balance when you talk right about yourself and your dream woman. Understand what women want from men. Particularly the type of women you are looking for. Use that as the basis for your online dating profile at all times.

Get the all the parts right to maximise your chances of success and wow success can look seriously good, but how do you fit all those dates in. So think a bit before you post that profile. Read all these profile articles then do it.

Not confident? Then check out our services page we can provide you everything basic to complete profile assistance.