Dating rules change quickly – 6 latest rules

How to get any girl? Online dating

be a man in demand attract womenHow to get any girl. Know these 6 new dating rules.

Want to know how to get any girl? New to dating? Getting back on the dating scene? Maybe a bit of a dating veteran? Well times changes things very quickly and new opportunities to communicate and find your new date are popping up all the time.

Should you be using facebook, tweeting, sexting, texting? so many questions and so few answers. With a million ways to communicate and meet there are also a whole lot of trip hazards ahead if you are not careful. A wrong post or tweet and ‘ouch’ there goes that opportunity/relationship. These 5 rules will act as a bit of guidance, as your sign posts, through this new world dating.

1. Yes women do check you out.

Ian Kener famous sex therapist confirms we are in a new age of dating. Woman no longer have to disguise what they are after. They no longer need to be shy and demure when they see a guy they like. This does not mean they will be obvious or that all women feel comfortable being obvious, but some will. They too like to check you out and see if you are someone they might be interested in.

You should not however embarrass her by letting her know you saw her checking you out. Just let it go and know that if you are getting into conversation after she checked you out she probably likes what she has seen. It does not however mean she necessarily wants to jump into bed with you or that you are guaranteed a future date. It does means that if you play your cards right you are in with a good chance of either or both. So keep cool and put into action your best how to attract a woman skills. Yes this means you cannot just obviously be checking her out while chatting to her and should behave like a gentleman. If you want to know how to get any girl it starts with being a bit subtle.

2. Dating is very mobile.

Dating is no longer constrained by local barriers. There are now apps, online dating sites, facebook and pages in online classifieds as well as a raft of the more traditional options. Check out our dating site reviews for hints so you can find the right app or site for you. You don’t have to stick to one site or app. Try a few that seem to suit you based on the reviews on this site and see what works.

What this means to you is that dating is now on steroids, ie it can be pretty fast and furious. You can meet straight away. You can find out exactly the type of woman that suits you by checking out as many profiles and/or by dating as many girls as you have time for. It also means you can fill that dairy up with dates. Downside is women can do the same. You need to stand out to get that date. Then if you are keen to pursue her you need to show you are the one and she no longer needs to go on line.

If you are still a bit stuck and having limited success or just need some help to set your profile and/or picture up on line or on an app let us help. We provide some advice on getting your profile and pictures spot on to ensure you can maximise opportunities.

3. Smash and grab dating

Yes dating can now be almost be the equivalent of the old smash and grab robberies. you know where someone, on the spur of the moment, sees a great opportunity to grab something without getting caught. Play it right and you can get any girl but you ned to understand how to approach different women. As mentioned above dating is now all happening at great speed, and there are implications. The new technology means that dating can be pretty instantaneous. A woman might need a date and you are on the right app/dating site at the right time. Bam. you suddenly have a date in 1 hour with a woman you would have considered in the untouchable category.

So always be prepared for a date if asked out. Keep a nice change of clothes in the car, maybe a shaver and a bottle of your favourite cologne, in fact any of your favourite grooming aids, at hand at all times.

When you do get asked try and get an idea of what she is looking for, her expectations and where you are likely to go. With this knowledge you can dress and behave appropriately. She might just really want some company from a nice guy out on the town or maybe she just wants some fun. Just because its instantaneous doesn’t mean you throw all the basics out the window. Meet all the first date requirements. ie dress and behave appropriately for the situation. You never know you might just really hit it off for more than a one nighter.

4. Raunchy talk is in.

What was traditionally thought of as a male thing has now become everybody’s option. Raunchy texts, messages and pictures on apps and online are now fairly mainstream and not limited to males. In fact Snapchat has grown into a social media mammoth partly because of the desire to be able to send raunchy photos that could not be saved.

The table below shows the very high level of sexting in 2013 and the Science Daily in August 2016 showed from a study that 21% of adults between 21 and 75 having ‘sexted’. While there was a higher rate from men 40% of sextings were from women.  The report show women can be offended more than guys so perhaps don’t cross any lines at last until it is clear that she will not be put off by some suggestive messaging. Note this does not mean your online profiles should be fully of sexual innuendo or obvious sexting type materials. Check out our article on online profiles for more info on what works on line. If still not sure and what some assistance, then check out our services page.

5. More than one woman at one time, no problems

Times have changed. While having more than one woman is not exactly a new thing it is probably a lot more common now especially in the early stages of dating. As Glamour Magazine points out online dating and dating apps have made it pretty common place to have a number of dates on the go. You should try and be a little discrete and ensure you are in the moment with the person you are with. It is not good if you are busy thinking about your last date or planning date your next while your present date is chatting to you.

Of course this non exclusivity is a two edge sword as it works for both parties. When you do find someone and you really like them then make it clear you are taking down your online/app profiles and would like to just focus on them. If they are still on the online/app then maybe discuss your feelings with them and let you know you would love to make it exclusive and see how it works out. If she wants to keep her profile up, then your call. You can keep trying to win her over totally so she is more than happy to take it down. Don’t get to precious. Just use the tips from this site. It could be though you are both happy catching up and what the other doesn’t know won’t hurt them.

Just as some etiquette it is always great to get back asap if someone asks you out. If you are juggling a few dates you do need to be decisive and let people know you are or are not available at a certain time/day.

6. Information everywhere

There are of course issues with so much information being available instantaneously. You should check out all your profiles. You might use linked-in for business, google + for social, tweet for news, instagram for those wild weekends with the guys. Trust me she will be checking out all your profiles, so think about what you put up there. Things like what your facebook page says your status is. Only you can judge the best option there.Texting or emailing the wrong person. All been done before. Sometimes with disastrous consequences.

If your juggling a few dates you just need to be a little bit more considered before you press that send button or post that picture. Social media can be ruthless. Even some old fashioned things like date venue. Probably good not to meet all dates at the same venue.

Bringing it all together

What rules? It would seem to be the new rules are there a few rules. You can now be checking out and chatting up women wherever and whenever you want. However there does still need to be a respect for the other person and this will pay off in the long run.

Women standards and expectations have never been higher. Understanding what is and is not appropriate with someone is part of the fun of developing a relationship. Don’t just jump in and start sexting every woman you chat to.

The new dating technology means the world is a very small place. You can chat on skype or a whole range of other options to get to know someone a bit more before you meet. You can now have a first date in another country. I have and its been amazing. You can research people by looking at all their social media profiles, so watch what you post.

Be prepared, as you never know when an opportunity will arise. You do need to take extra care if juggling several dates but you do want to seize every moment and the woman of your dreams could be there.