Photo Gallery – Increase Your On line Success Rate

what women find attractive is the key to a good photo

What women find attractive – show it in your photo gallery

Your picture gallery is your chance to make a great first impression so you need to get it right. If you know what women find attractive straight off you will draw them into your profile.

The picture gallery is your chance to flesh out your headline and main photo. It is all about attracting women to your profile. This is the photo version of your profile. This is where you get to put the real you in there. Not like your main profile picture where you have to try to introduce and encapsulate yourself in one pic.

It cannot be emphasised enough that in the online dating game pictures ARE IMPORTANT. When we say this is your big opportunity, it is as per many scientific studies. These studies show that people will make judgements on you from that first instant impression So you must make a good impression with your photos. It is the key to success in online dating.

gph-2016-11-22-eharmony-statsThis graph from eHarmony shows that the more photos the better the number of contacts up to about 8 when it levels off. It is clear that what women find attractive is a variety of views of you so they can understand you better.

Ok so you have read our advice on your profile photo. Many of the principals are the same for the gallery however you do get a lot more flexibility, so we can loosen the rules up a bit. Check out the points below and happy snapping.

Some Fun

Because you have a gallery rather than a single picture you can have a bit more fun. You can have other people in your pics because they know which one is you now! There are some things that will and will not work to maximise your response rate from the type of women you really like. A fun photo can be better than your top pick up lines in attracting women.

So what type of photo?

Well there is a study completed by the site photofeeler. They studied 60,000 pictures and they came out with some good hints as to what works and what doesn’t. The study claarly shows what women find attractive. You need to take note.

  • Sunglasses – not being able to see your eyes reduced all facets of attraction so is not recommended
  • Squinching – eye, ie eyes open but not wide eyed. Wide eyed is perceived as fear. So by ‘squinching‘ (use the link if you want more info what squinching is) you improve your attractiveness. You will be rated higher for likeability, competence and influence, gotta love that.
  • Smile – well there is a fine line here. Get it right and you increase your likeability likeability a lot and your perception of being influential. So what is right? Well showing teeth is good. Too much teeth and the effect is lost. Closed mouth does work but only half as well as showing the right amount of teeth.
  • Formal dress – yes the biggest impact on competence was formal dress. So maybe try one pic in a suit and tie if you have one, but not too formal. Having said that in a survey found 81% of people said they wanted to see casual photos. The advantage of the photo gallery is you can do both!
  • How much body to show? Well face only was a negative. Full body is ok, but half body was the most preferable. Woman want to understand your body type. It also gives them a bit of an idea of your dress style.

Centre of attention.

Yes human nature, particularly from women to men, mean that they are attracted to a guy who has a leadership feel about him. This means if you have a group photo its good if the people are looking at you.

Touching is a good thing if its in the right way. Maybe touching a friend on the arm above the elbow. It must look non sexual and where everyone is relaxed and comfortable. Again it shows a warmth and leadership which is very attractive. This comes back to basic human attractive based on evolution of humans.

Professional Photos:

Ok so when you flick through the ladies profiles you will see ones that are clearly done by professionals. You can pick up that’s it professional from the clothing, soft lenses perfect lighting. You immediately feel a bit suss about the photo.

To me the ‘pro shot’ is a warning. My experience is that it has almost always been a disappointing date. Like when someone raves on about how fantastic a movie is. It raises expectations so even if it is a good movie you feel disappointed when you see it because your expectations are so high.

Major Issues with Pro Photos?

From experience a highly professional photo have two major issues. One is the soft lens can make you look completely different. As discussed being deceptive is not a good plan as when you actually meet you immediately raise warning flags with your date. The second point is the professional photographers make you wear certain clothes and take poses. This means it is not really you but the person the photographer thinks will look great. As detailed throughout this web site you must be you. If someone is directing you and making you look a certain way by wearing clothes you never normally wear, it is deceptive. You won’t find you perfect match like this it will most likely come back and bite you.

So you could use a professional photographer if you cannot get it right but pose and wear clothes that reflect you. Not some idealised you that the photographer thinks will work. If you get a photographer get one that knows what women find attractive. Try out the options in our services page.

Bringing it altogether

A quality photo is important so if its blurry then find another one. Make sure you get a variety of pictures to show your personality with different settings and maybe a pet, friend or something that shows your hobby.

So get your photos out, if you cannot find a few that match with the requirements above and in our main profile picture, then snap some more. It is worth the effort to get it right. First impressions count.

Need some help we can help you choose your best pics or provide some advise on the right look for a picture. We have experts taht know exactly what women find attractive. Check out our services page.