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how to attract women with your profile

How to attract women with your online dating profile

How to attract women with your online dating profile so reel them in with a great profile picture and headline. You have a nice photo gallery. All you need now are some great words. Well it is not to hard if you plan it out and think about.

Read other profiles, write down you attributes and desires. Then go for it using the hints and checks outlined below. You have to be thinking all the time about what women find attractive.

Be yourself.

You seriously have to be yourself not some online persona. If you want to attract and maintain a relationship they have to like you for who you are. You have to be honest and think it though. It can take a little thought and planning.

It is important you should make it fun. Saying I like blah blah blah and dislike bing bing bing just doesn’t cut it. It is ok but you can do better.

This means being a little creative in your writing. If you love sport you do not just say I love sport. You talk about what emotions it strikes up in you. Is it how when the crowd roars as your team hits the lead near the end of the game your heart gets pumping and that surge of adrenaline makes you feel great.  Don’t mention how a lose makes you feel  🙂

Show the real you

Show off who you are by sharing your passions. Which profile do you like better?

I’m Mark I am project manager,

I’m Dave a project manager. In fact I love my job so much I spend my free time (and some work time) project managing. Well really just checking out the next cool place to visit for my next holiday because I love to travel. Want to join me?

So do you think a woman wants to meet Mark or Dave?

Always be thinking how to attract women as your prime motivator and read it back from a women’s view.

Keep it real

As mentioned you have to be yourself and that includes factual issues. For some reason girls lie about their weight and guys lie about the height in their online profiles. Well seriously sprung as soon as you meet. That sets you off on the wrong foot. Think long term.

About you or who you want?

There is a balance between what you say about yourself and what you are looking for. You do have to get the balance right. A scientific study showed that you should talk 70% about you and 30% about what you are looking for to maximise your responses.

It’s like a resume

Ok I did say keep it real but you can put a little sauce on it. Think of it like resume were it all looks and sounds great. Technically correct but a little license is taken to make it sound better. Same with your profile. But keep it in the bounds of reality.

Got the idea? Ok well write down a few things you think you are good at and think of some stories to show that off. Expand the ideas. Better not to say I’m a great ten pin bowler but tell a really short anecdote about the time you bowled 257 and mention that you knew you were you good but wow you even impressed yourself.

Stay Positive

Its easy to become cynical or even have a Big ‘no way’ in your mind for certain types of people. Its important that in your profile you are positive. Discuss only positive aspects and what you really look for in a woman. So if you say ‘no drama queens’ you look pretty negative and bitter. But if you say. I’m really positive about where I am headed and I would love to meet a like minded lady. It says the same thing but in a much more attractive way. If you are thinking along the how to attract women line then negativity has no place.

You may have been on a few dates already and the ladies were not exactly as they seemed. That soft lense photo from a professional photographer was certainly a bit deceiving. And they have all gone on about their ex. Well do not show you are cynical. Stay positive and show you are keen to meet a really nice positive lady. If you are negative you will find it hard to attract a positive lady. Positivity will boost your chances. Positivity is a key in how to attract women.

Yes you can be fussy.

Yes you can be a bit clear on what you are looking for but be positive about it. Not I hate cats, people who smoke and anyone over 35.

Rather some creative writing. I like nothing better than getting down to the beach or into the mountains and breathing in beautiful clear air. Luckily although I had a few smokes at school I never took it up and haven’t smoked cigarettes since school so can really enjoy that crisp fresh air.

As a frequent traveller I enjoy nothing better than getting up and going away on weekends and for holidays, so I do not have any pets but maybe one day I would have a nice dog to keep me fit on those walks.

I seem to relate really well with girls around 25 to 30 so hopefully you are around that age range. But hey who knows where life leads and what that fatal attraction will be so lets chat. Online dating is not rocket since you just need to think carefully.

H + H

Honesty and humour are key. A scientific study has shown people pick up the clues in a profile. If you say I’m a really funny guy and do not show it in your profile then your credibility is not good. So keep it a bit witty. Same goes for spelling and punctuation. If can can show a good humour with and good punctuation you will be seen as well educated.

Like for like

A good idea is to check out some profiles of guys and girls on line. These can give you inspiration. In addition if you do see some women you really like then phrases some items similar to how they have. People are attracted to similarities.

Mention the ex and kids?

Ok so you have been around a while and have an ex and kids. Mention or not? Well research from Zoosk shows men actually get more messages if they mention the ex and kids while for women the reverse is true. Again guys keep it positive. Online dating is similar to meeting someone you new to think about what you say and when to introduce topics. Take in all the advice.

Still too hard?

Well there are some ways to make it a bit easier. If you really find it hard to write your online dating profile coming from a ‘how to attract women’ approach you have a few options.

  • Find some favourite quotes and put them in amongst your simple message
  • Get a friend to do it. Sometimes a friend can pinpoint your best attributes and desires better than you can, and they can be really good at words. A few drinks and the profile is done.
  • Pinch pieces from other peoples profiles. Find some profiles that reflect you and your interests/abilities. Only a few lines from each please and they must really reflect you not what you would like to be or think the girls would like
  • Check out our services page and let us do the heavy lifting for you. From a profile tweek to a complete profile we can do it for you. It will all cost less than a long membership and the profile should save you time on the site.

Bringing it all together

It can seem a bit daunting when you start on your profile but it is really not that hard. Be honest to yourself and note down some points on who you are and what you are looking for. Make it fun. Be creative in how you say things. Keep it factual but you can stretch it a bit. If you are 5’2” don’t say you are 6” but you can say you love long walks on the beach lol. Keep it positive at all times.

By the way a smile face is good (13% more responses) and gets more response but a 😉  is a fail (66% less respones) and reduces responses! The clue this gives us is always check your spelling and grammar. Get a friend to read it and check it over. Or have use do it for you just check out our services page.