Dating Profile Photo – How to Get it Right

How to approach women? The key is your profile photo.

How to approach women online? It all starts with a great profile photo.

How to approach women all starts with the number one thing they see. Your picture is your number one asset on your profile. Get it right.

Rule number one for your online profile is have at least 1 photo. EHarmony has shown that you are 9, yes nine, times more likely to be contacted if you have a photo, so you just gotta do it if you want to maximise your chances.

You only get one chance to make a first impression and your photo is it. To use another rather tired cliché a picture tells a thousand words so make sure your picture says the right things about you.  Check out these tips and make sure you check your photo against each of them. These tips helps you learn how to pick up a girl online. Makes you understand that your photo is in effect one of your best pick up lines for your online dating profile.

Conversational or sexy?

how to attract a woman show some talentsIf your photo has you doing something or in a particularly good setting then that’s a good conversation starter. It needs to be a reflection of you. For instance if you play the guitar then have your picture with you holding one. This would be an attractive trait to a woman and help to get the conversation rolling. Knowing how to approach women online is critical if you want to be a dating hero so think it through and get it right. This is the key part of your online dating profile.





Face Pic? – Well it doesn’t matter.

how to attract women - action photos helpWhat the??? Yes Ok Cupid couldn’t believe it either when the initial results came in. So they did a detailed analysis and it was right. But if you do not show your face then you must be something that attracts attention, in a positive way.

You doing something that adds to your charm and says something about you like scuba diving, in an exotic location or being a bit sexy. Bottom line is you must keep it interesting and engaging even more so if you do not show your face. This is similar to your headline as detailed in this article, you have to grab their attention.

If you know how to approach women in the real world its not dissimilar online it works best if they can see your face.

Shirts off?

Yes can be effective but you have to have a really good body and be young. The positive impact reduces, in fact it becomes a negative, as you get older. If your 19 and ripped then go for it. Otherwise it’s a looser, chances are it won’t work so give it a miss.

To smile or not?

OKCupid surprisingly found that not smiling was not a killer, in fact it could assist. EHarmony studies concur that the smile is not important but that showing pride is. While happiness is more important for women’s photos not so for mens photo’s. Pride was important with men.

how to attract women a great profile photoIt is therefore important that you look like you have taken time to prepare for the photo. The studies show this is a critical factor in improving success. It probably works because of the primal instinct of a woman to want a man who can provide. Pride shows a level of confidence and achievement which is a very desirable trait. Also while eyes contact is important research into online dating photos has shown that looking just off from the camera works in attracting the women.

Layout, does it matter?

EHarmony research shows that having  being 3 x 4 ratio for your photo is important. In addition people like to be able to see body type rather than an extreme close up. Close ups receive little interest from matches.

Strangely enough. A study out of Wake Forest University found that the left side of our face shows more emotion and people automatically like people that are showing that side of the face. Hint just flip the photo if its a good photo but shows the right side of your face.

Quality matters!

how to attract a woman - get the picture technically correctThe quality of the photo is important. If it is blurry or you have clearly cut someone out then this is not well received by matches. This could be you and your ex, with her cut out, not good? Should you do a selfie? NOOO! This includes using a mirror.

When uploading the photo get it right. Sideways or upside down? Not a good plan. Yes I know that is pretty basic but people do it. Just have a look online.

Just you?

how to attract a woman do not show the ex in your galleryWell seriously it is about you. Not showing how many friends you have. It does not get much more annoying than looking at a profile photo with several guys in it and who knows which one is you? Even worse is if you are with a female. Whether that’s a friend or ex who knows? Even worse? You with a group of females at a party. Seriously.
how to attract a woman don't look like a gigiloRemember it is about you. That means you do not want to show you in a really expensive car or show your favourite dog without you in the picture, that is just weird. You need to keep the things in the photo, your ‘props’, to a minimum so they do not distract. Keep your photos of you with the dog and car photo’s for your photo gallery.

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Are you hot enough?

graph what attract womengraph what attracts women in terms of looks






The good news is you do not have to be adonis to get a date. In fact being in the median ie average range of ‘looks’ works just fine according to the research carried out by OKCupid. The graphs above show that while looks do affect total contacts they are not as impactful as they are for women and being super hot, for a guy, is not huge advantage.

Background to the photo.

what attracts women - being outdoors helpsBackground can be important and having a nice landscape out doors is great according to eharmony. Being in a bar or at a party is not so great. While you may hardly ever go into a bar or be a party animal first impressions count. You will give the impression you always hang out at bars or party on. This is not a particularly attractive trait to most women. Outdoors is definitely in with photos for guys as per study from zoosk gaining an additional 19% responses.

Bringing it all together

In case you did not pick it up YOUR PICTURE IS CRITICAL. This means you should choose the right picture or if you do not have one then get one and check it against all the tips above. Get a clear pic, showing your face and body. The focus should be on you so you need to take care about what is in the background and any items in the picture.

Your photo gallery should also be taken advantage of. Check out the article for tips on getting that right.