Elite Singles is a quality site that has powerful matchmaking tools and large membership that will help ensure you can find your match. It is able to pinpoint potential partners locally and around the world that match you and your desires. It does have a long registration process and is aimed at over 30’s and university graduates. If you fall into these categories and want to find your match then click now! Or check out our full review by clicking below.

Seeking Arrangements is a seriously genuine and good site. If you fall into the key target markets/categories for this site then its at the top end of the quality. What are those categories? Well one category is you do have a fair bit of cash and looking for an ‘arrangement’. This arrangement could be regular, or one off, catch up for a date, dinner or more. The other is someone in need of some money that have the personality and style that someone would want to pay to be with. Interested? Then check out our full review.