Secrets to getting your profile name right

How to get a girl? Good profile name is a start.

how to get a girl - online dating masteryHow to get a girl. Well a good profile name is a start.

How to get a girl? Well your profile name is one of the opportunities to get her attention and it can be hard to change so you need to think it through from the start.

Yes the profile name is one of the two opportunities you get to attract someone to your profile along with your photo. Your name is important as it can be the one thing they remember after the first brief chat or after the girls flick through profiles.

This is your big chance so get it right, attract her attention and stay in her memory. Do not try and be too smart or suggestive or negative. To help you get it right I have given you some of the key things to think about, based on scientific research.

Be attention grabbing

If you want to know how to get a girl your profile name has to be memorable. This doesn’t mean crude or ridiculous but something that will stay in their memory and fits your personality.

Have a bit of you in it

Do you have a hobby, distinctive feature, a reason why you have a nickname in real life? Then use that as a basis for your online nickname. Your handle should compliment you but stand out a bit from the crowd. Its a part of your online profile that is hard to change so think it through and get it right from the start. Studies show that for women they like a name that shows intelligence so make sure.

Size matters

Yes sometimes size matters and when you are developing a new name do not make it too long. If you want someone to be able to find it again it will help. She may read your profile and something happens so she stops but wants to come back. If it is short and snappy then she will be more likely to be able to find it. And it will stay in her head. Too long and well it just be a jumble and she might forget all about you.

Keeping it two small words put together can be helpful. Use an action word like caring, active, happy. Then something that matches you like traveller, swimmer, gardener. So you would get caringtraveller, activeswimmer, happy gardener.


You know people are attracted to positive people so if you start negative it will be a turnoff. So make sure your name has a positive tone about it.

Start with a letter near start of alphabet

Who would have thought! A recent scientific study showed that having a name that starts near the beginning of the alphabet has more success. It has something to do with how the search works so you are more likely to come up in searches.

Similarities attract

How to get a girl means knowing what you want and how to attract the right one. Before you sign up for a site you have probably looked through some of the profiles and seen some women you like. Is there something similar about the screen names of people that attract you? Well studies show that similarities do attract. Look at a name that is something along similar lines to their profile names. This will give you a bit of a boost in chatting to the ones you already like. This is like one of your top pick up lines.

Bringing it together

Yes profile name is important. It needs to make the right impression and grab their attention. Once you sign up you cannot change it unless you redo your whole profile and loose all your contacts.

The name along with your photo are the two key weapons in your arsenal to grab their attention. Use them wisely. Keep it short, positive and reflection of you. For more information on profile photo please check out this article.

How to get a girl? Well do all the above, think at through and you will be a dating hero.