7 Signs that She Loves You.

happy couple It is a great feeling to know you can attract women, the right women

These 7 signs show that you not only attract women but you attract the right women. The ones that fall in love with you.

She loves me, she loves me not…It is an amazing feeling to know she loves you that you really can attract women, not any women but the right woman. If you are asking the question if can give you sleepless nights as you put your heart and sole into a relationship. Is the fairy tale coming true or will it all end in a nightmare of rejection? It is not just about attracting women it is knowing how to retain their attention and develop their love.

Thought of visiting a tarot card reader, or watching your horoscope? Love looks so easy in the movies but in real life its can be hard work. Like walking a tightrope, hoping that your partner has the safety net there ready to go.

The Signs that Matter

There is no one sure sign but we have detailed a few signs below that will certainly give you some pointers to whether she loves you or not. She may not have said she loves you. She is probably scared of rejection too. But she may be doing lots of not so obvious things that show she really does love you. So check them out and lets us know the outcome of your analysis.

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She loves doing the things I love
Ok maybe she doesn’t love them but she is always happy to join in. You know she enjoys a walk around the golf course with you even though she doesn’t play. She takes notice of the things you like and what you like to do so when she buys a gift or suggests an outing its something you really enjoy. She loves it because she wants to be with you and see you enjoy yourself.

It cannot all be a one way street. You need to make sure you understand what she likes and share some of her favourite things as well. You should see joining in with some of her interests as a great chance to experience new things and yes you get to spend more time with a woman you love.

Surprises can be a great way to attract women long term
In any relationship you need to spice it up now and again. This doesn’t mean she comes over in her latest Victoria Secrets outfit, nice as that might be. It means she will arrange a special outing knowing its something you would love or a surprise catch up with your mates for no particular reason. A great holiday. A little present. Something that makes you think, wow where did that come from. Do it right so you know she loves you.

Loves to display the love
When a woman displays her affection in public it is often a way of her showing everyone you’re a taken man, he’s mine. You, have to her at least, what  can attract women.

Look at how she reacts particularly in groups with other women. You do not want an overly jealous girlfriend but someone who is very proud and shows it both in an obvious and sub conscious level. You can see her telling the other women without speaking that yes I am his girlfriend it is a great sign. If she is seemingly distant when other women around she could be indicating that yes he is available.

While she may not show the same level of affection as much in front of her family, this is not an issue. The fact she loves to get you involved with her family and makes it clear you have a future together is great news. A critical part of love is involving family members.

Very similar with her friendship group if you are always welcomed and she ‘shows you off’ she clearly wants everyone to know you are a long term item.

Reads your language
Women can be great at sensing your feelings and thoughts it is an important part of what will attract women, their sense of you. You do not need to read dating tips for me with her. She senses when your having a hard day and comes over with the massage oil or your favourite whisky. When your down she will send you a clip from your fav comedian.

The sixth sense that women seem to know how your feeling, sometimes before you do. The real love of your life will not only sense it but know how to balance it out. Bring over champagne to celebrate when you forget the promotion. Remind you its your mums birthday tomorrow and have a present ready. Basically she knows how to make you feel good, especially when you need it most.

The future looks bright
If you find she often wants to discuss the future of the two of you together, not only when chatting to you, but with friends and family it’s a pretty sure sign. She is saying she wants a future and loves you without being quite that direct. You sense you no longer need to know how to get a girl, only how to stay in love.

If she doesn’t bring it up then start throwing it into conversation and see her response. This approach can attract women when they know you are looking for love. Does she go along with it or try and quickly change the subject? Sometimes women like to set smaller milestones along the way so planning things a few months out can show her you are in it for longer term. This will give her more confidence that you love her. Plan short holiday or book that ticket to her favourite concert several months ahead.

She speaks very positively about you.
You know from friends that even when you are not there she says really nice things about you. If someone is a bit negative about you she puts them in their place. You have not only what attracts women but what attracts this woman. Some people love to be negative and some couples seem to love to be negative to each other in public. You know you have too much love and respect and would always back each other up. In particular if there is an issue out then you have a way to manage it so you can discuss it more later if there are concerns.

I know with one girlfriend we had little signals so if there was a disagreement we would outwardly support each other but know there was concerns. When we got a chance we would then discuss it and resolve the problem. Nothing worse than being that bickering couple, people tend to steer clear.

This doesn’t mean issues are left as you will have disagreements but love means you can be frank without each other and consider the others view not just go off in a huff. When you are being honest she actively listens to you.

When she always stands up for you you know the L word is there, she just cannot quite bring it to her lips yet.

Bringing it All together.
Actions do speak a lot louder than words. Some people seem to find it easy to throw the love word around. The real test though is in their actions. If you can see that a lot of the points above are done by your girlfriend then do not be scared to tell her that you love her. That may be all she is waiting for so she can tell you as well.

Nothing better than the beautiful smile that one L word can bring to the lips of your partner. It is one thing that will always attract women but it must be genuine.

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