7 tips to Stop a Fight in its Tracks

how to talk to women and stop fights in their track.
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Want to know how to make up?Knowing how to talk to women is critical to stop a fight once its starts. Here is 7 ways to stop a fight in it’s tracks.

How to talk to women is critical to know as we all know those times you just want to stop the fight in its tracks. Suddenly everything you say is used against you. It all started with a simple mistake. Now it is world war 3. The past 15 infractions that you can’t even remember are repeatedly brought up.

The fight belongs in never ending story. You just do not know how to break the cycle but know you don’t want it to go on. You need to stop it for your relationship and your sanity. Well here are some tips. Some of these tips will even help stop you getting into an argument in the first place.

Simple words are powerful.

Yes the simple changing of a word can have an impact. You have to know how to talk to women. You know to you she is a beautiful lady. But she is also pretty darn cute. Well the word beautiful is all encompassing, where cute is more about the look. Calling her beautiful can stop or prevent the argument. It is a very powerful word.

Suddenly she doesn’t feel just prettier or cuter but more beautiful. What girl would not want to feel beautiful and know you think she is. Worst case is that you reduce the level of the ‘war’ to a skirmish instead of trench warfare. You can then take a breath and reduce the argument even further.

Comparisons – for good and evil

When comparing your partner it should only be in a positive light. To say you mum never argued with your father, or your ex never yelled. Not a great plan. Its not rocket science. When in a fight do not punch low. Be the better person and lift the tone. This will help calm the waters. It could even stop a fight in its tracks. think about it and if you do not already make sure you do know how to talk to women.

Comparisons to say ‘wow even my mum could not cook this good’ are very positive. This will give you good bonus points. Bringing your ex in at any stage in comparisons is not a great plan. Best to keep them right out of any arguments.

Its how you say it

Yes you may know how to talk to women but sometimes the tone and way something is said can change the impact. If you say it in a mean/sarcastic way then you will just throw petrol on the fire. Take care of your tone of voice, expressions and choice of words.

By showing you are genuine and positive it will assist you in defusing the argument.

A Hug goes a long way

As her partner she sees you as a person who will be there for her and help her feel safe. By giving her a big strong hug you will help remind her why she is in love with you. She will know exactly why you are together. She will know that you make her feel safe and comfortable with the world. When she has a problem she wants to know you will help solve it. She may think you are part of the problem, hence the argument. But the hug is a powerful statement and remind her you are on her side.

Circuit breaker required

There are several options to put a circuit breaker into your argument. This is critical once it gets a bit nasty. Put the Oven Mitts on. Dr. O’Hanlon, a marriage therapist that regularly advises Oprah Winfrey in her relationship advice work has some good advice. Dr O’Hanlon says putting on oven mitts change the whole problem. The fight can be diffused immediately because the oven mitts equate to boxing mitts. This brings a bit of fun into the situation.

This action is about breaking the spiral you get into once an argument starts. To change things up helps stop the argument . Bringing in some fun can do this. Dr Hanlon swears it works every time. In short it is about breaking the negative thoughts possibly by bringing a little laughter into the dialogue to break it up.

Another option is to simply say ‘lets walk out of the room for 30 seconds and consider things’. Timothy Warneka is a highly experienced behaviour psychologist. He advises that when in an argument is. “Stop, step out of the room, and reconnect when everyone’s a little calmer.”

Maybe you can throw in some good quotes just to make her think like. If you can’t say it nicely say it in French. There are 10 other good quotes here in this Readers Digest article.

The above is in line with standard anger management as detail in this attached article. The anger in the argument needs to be managed from both sides so look at options to try and keep both sides calm.

Yes you should sleep on it.

The ultimate break in an argument is to cease argument and go to bed. Advise has certainly changed about whether you should never go to bed angry or not. We’ve found that going to bed angry is often the best choice,” says Lisa Earle McLeod, author and a 23-year marriage veteran. “It allows partners to clear their thoughts, get some sleep, and make a date to resume the fight (which might seem less important in the light of day).”

By sleeping on it your whole attitude may change. It can make you think about what is important. Sleep can be the great circuit breaker.

Be honest and own up

No argument is ever completely one sided. To help defuse the situation own up. Admit the issue from your side. Tell her ‘well you may be right there’. Tell her ‘yes you understand the issue’. The good part is she will probably not expect a quick and prompt admission of guilt or agreement with the issue. You get on the front foot.

Fights usually get uglier once both parties begin derailing it with each other’s long list of faults and past issues. Melody Brooke, licensed relationship therapist and author of The Blame Game, says that owning up to your mistakes/errors that contributed to the argument is the hardest part of any fight, but the quickest way to nip it in the bud.

So get in early by making the first step. Keep the whole argument from going completely into nuclear bomb territory where it is very hard to recover from. By putting forward your apology you will make her think about what component is her issue and hopefully calm it all down.

Bringing it all together

Arguing/fighting whatever you call it, there are usually no winners. The best option is to break it down and focus on what the issue is. Do not get dragged off in to other areas or past problems. Solve the real issue. Sometimes what you are arguing about is not the real reason, it is something from the past. You must resolve it.

Do you want to win? Be proved right? Or do you want the matter resolved? Apologise. Maybe be goofy to break up the anger. Move on and show her you do really love and respect her by admitting your fault. By keeping the fight to a minimum you can not only get peace sooner but hopefully set a precedent. This means that for future arguments you see there is a way to quickly resolve it.

Life is too short to spend it arguing and upset with someone.

Let us know if this information has helped you out.