How to Flirt with Girls , Texting Women – The Rules

how to flirt with women - texting the right way

text that girl - how to get a woman by textHow to flirt with women. Texting is the new option.

How to flirt with women? Well smart phones open up a whole new world. The (mobile) cell phone has been around for a long time now and the number of texts just keeps increasing. It is estimated over 8.3 Trillion (yes a trillion ie a million x a million) texts are sent each day. This of course includes many texts sent to the wrong person, oops there goes that relationship…

It can be a weapon of mass seduction or destruction. You need to make sure your etiquette is up to date. The text provides instantaneous communication you can send off while anywhere and at any time. But like all instantaneous communication it has pitfalls.

Stay ahead of the competition and make sure you know, and follow, the rules below. Don’t blow that dream date, dating heroes know the rules.

Keep it Simple.

Abbreviations, not a problem. One word answers are a problem. You do need to keep it brief but one word is really not enough. You need to show you would be capable of holding a good conversation. Yes spelling and grammar do matter. It shows that you have put a bit of effort into the text and it helps with comprehension which can be lost a little if not careful. If it’s a question make sure you put the question mark. It can make a sentence sound very different. So now you know how to flirt with women the new way.

How many texts is too many?

The number of texts is not a reflection of the passion in, or strength, of a relationship. The stage of a relationship and what is happening also impacts how many texts are appropriate. Rule of thumb you should text each other 1 for 1. You can still use your top pick up lines but think about how you uae them on text.

Care should be taken early in the relationship texts should not be used as form of interrogation where you bombard with questions and respond to an answer with further questions.

If you are not getting a response then perhaps you need to relax. We have all been in that frustrating situation where we have sent a couple of texts and dying for a response but it’s not coming. So frustrating but don’t send an angry text. Also it is no time to deluge them with texts. Maybe send a comment that does not specifically require a response. ‘went to an amazing concert last night’. If you do not get a response then it is probably not a great sign. So move on. Or they maybe have a phone issue if only been a day or so.

The incriminating evidence is all there in black and white.

Everything you text remains there in black and white. She can and will use it as Evidence for and against you. She will show her friends for their ‘interpretation’ of what you said and what you were actually trying to say.

This means you need to keep it clear and concise. You need to say it in as few words as possible without being totally blunt. It changes how to flirt with women as texts are different to chatting over a drink. Your top pick up lines have to change.

Sending out standard texts to a lot of people is also not a great option and soon gets picked up by a smart woman. Makes you look pretty bad.

If you would not say it to her face then sending it by text is probably worse. An always remember a text can be easily misunderstood so a sarcastic comment can be seen as a blunt put down if not there with a nice smiley face. Research has shown an emoji can have a bigger impact than punctuation

Be a gentleman when you text and both her and her friends will love you for it, it the new way to show you know how to flirt with women and adapt your style depending on the situation.

Last minute is kool

Sending an invite at the last minute is no drama at all. People are happy to accept spontaneity, things happen fast nowadays. Texting is easy for everyone but for those who are a bit shyer a last-minute casual request to catch up can work well.

When would it not be ok to send a last minute text invite? Maybe if you she finds out she is a last minute fill in. Or if you only ever ask her last minute and it becomes clear it is because she is really your last choice.

Another last minute text that can also be a little risky is if the invite is after midnight. Chances are, and probably very clear to her is that, you are either drunk or horny or both. You really need to pick your mark on this one and if you know her well it may not be an issue at all. It is a great way to attract women. It is simple and straight forward but keep it that way do not make it complicated.

Response times – chill

It is amazing how in consistency in response times and texts can become a major issue. Text you girlfriend every morning with a smiley face and have a great day. She will probably love it. Miss a day and she will be wondering.

Similarly if you meet a nice lady and respond almost immediately to every text she sends what does that say? Are you a little desperate or just madly in love? Maybe it comes across a bit more on the desperate side.

Is it an issue when you don’t respond immediately? Maybe it’s just that you are in a meeting, driving or asleep. Early on in a relationship you should relax a little with response times don’t rush it.

If the relationship is going well then you will soon know what the appropriate text response times is for your relationship. A good example is if you are making specific plans for the weekend, evening etc it may be appropriate to immediately text back.

If someone doesn’t respond in the usual time do not sweat it. Do not do ‘payback’ and respond 48 hours later if they respond slowly. As mentioned, be a gentleman, stay cool, be polite and respond in a timely manner. This will impress her.

Confidence is everything

Like everything to do with dating confidence is a key to success. Show you still have some top pick up lines. This means you need to be a bit more specific in what you ask. Saying ‘hey wanna catch up’ leaves her wondering what you want to catch up for. By texting it can seem a lot easier to say ‘hey I just found this cool little bar would love to have a drink with you there its close by’. That’s how you attract women on text.

When she sees a message from you, and you do not know each other well, you need to be particularly clear so she knows exactly what she is saying/asking. You do not want her trying to work out what you are asking or expecting. She will love you being decisive.

Can’t drive – Don’t Text

If you are over the limit for driving you probably should not be texting either. And if you do both, well, your crazy. There are many reasons not to text while drinking including what you say, how you say it, spelling and grammar and of course the sheer volume of texts you may be tempting to send.

At the time they are witty and cool. Next morning when you check your sent message ohoh. Just resist the temptation. You may feel like you are maximum confidence but you could do long term damage with a seriously nice lady. It showing you know how to flirt with women that will keep them interested and flirting back.

Bringing it all together

Remember that great text chemistry doesn’t always mean great chemistry when you meet. But it can be a good start so think about what you send and respond in a timely and appropriate manner. Its a great way to attract women and combined with your online dating profile can make you a dating hero.