Where to meet women – The 7 Best Places

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Where to meet women? Well here is 7 great options.

Where to meet women is a very common questions. You need to put your dating knowledge into actions. Finding the best places to meet women is not really that hard. We have said we would show you 7 (seven) places but we like to over deliver and seriously there are so many places identified here just follow the hints! Where you meet is important. The Dailymail.co.uk in 2013 reported studies showing that 51% of people thought where you met was important in a relationship.

Now you have checked out loads of great info from this site and looked at a range of other dating gurus. You may have even checked out our product reviews to see what might give you that extra boost in arrears where you didn’t feel so confident. But how do you get to put all this knowledge into action? You think you are pretty much across what you need to do and how to go about it, but where do you meet women? How do you know if the places you try to meet them are the ones that will attract the right woman?

Surely they know the women out there know that you are now the man and given the chance they will enjoy the experience of dating you. Can’t they tell that you know what it takes to ensure you both have a great date? Well until you let them know your keen and show them you have the confidence and skills they simply will not know. You need to take the first step. You feel you are across the dating thing so here are some great ideas to kick start opportunities to get the dating conversation going.

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Best Options:

1. Mobile (Cell) App.

Once online dating was seen as the place for dating desperates. Now it is common place to go when you are asking where to meet women. Then it was mobile Apps that were seen as the last refuge for those who cannot find the woman of the dreams, or a woman for the night just wanted a quick liaison (and it is still probably the best option for that desire). Swipe left or right… Still not sure what that means? Well check out some of our mobile app reviews. Like on line dating Apps are now pretty mainstream. They tend to be a bit more visually focused and act in a more instant way.

How big are dating apps well in February 2016 the Pew Research Centre confirmed that use on dating aps had increased 300% to 9% of the population in the USA since 2013.

Many online dating site also have apps and usually add some unique features not on the on line version, but some are exclusively dating services are exclusively on Apps. Usually very locally based and they have an amazing array of approaches to finding you that perfect date with ideas such as using facebook to find like minded people who are friends of friends.

2. Online.

Online is pretty much the go to place nowadays to find a woman. In fact probably the first thing that comes to mind when asked where to meet women. In February 2016 the Pew Research Centre confirmed that 12% of the population of the USA had used a dating site (when combined with dating apps 15% of the population in total was ‘on line’). It’s easy as. You can do it in the comfort of you home all you need is a computer and internet.

Once seen as the place for the desperate its now very mainstream. There are a range of sites that suit all type of people. The beauty is you can meet someone in your city or even neighbourhood or on the other side of the world at the click of a mouse. Check out some of our reviews to see which sites might suit you. Most have some free access options, all the info on each site is in the reviews. Still not sure how to progress your online dating interest? Check out some of our articles in online dating success.

where to meet women graphImportantly the research showed that ‘online dating’ was not limited to any particular age group. Everyone was enjoying the opportunity it opens up.

3. Your interests and hangouts.

Yes when you think about it it is only logical. If you have somewhere you like to visit, relax, work out at then if there is a nice single woman there you already have something in common. Have an interest? Cooking, dancing? Why not take up a short course or class. Have a dog? – try a dog park great way to start a conversation as have a shared interest. Use your interests and hangouts and think of ways where there are structured or regular meeting places for people with same interest especially where there is a significant interests from females.

Where to meet women - graph online dating useThis goes for clubs. Check out social, volunteer, book, wine, walking or sporting clubs (like tennis or sailing) that are likely to have women. This could be anything. It is limited only by your imagination and interests. You should have some genuine engagement with the activity if you really want to succeed using this tactic. In fact statisticbrain.com in a survey conducted in June 2016 indicated that 64% of people thought common interests was the most important component of a relationship.

Worst case is you joining a new club or take up a new hobby and make some great friends and improve your skills and social life!

4. At Work!

Where to meet women you may ask but for many it is right in front of you. Well relationships can get a little awkward at work but many a date, romance and marriage has resulted from being work colleagues. Especially those crazy christmas parties. But you do not need next day regrets as outside of your business/company there are many opportunities throughout the working day as well as travelling to and from work.

You spend a huge portion of your life at work in fact reference.com estimates 1/3 (one third) of your entire life is spent at work. When you consider reference.com estimates another 1/3 (one third) is spent sleeping your time in and around work is a large portion (50%) of your waking life. You should use it wisely.

You probably see several ladies that you think about asking out everyday just through your normal working day. It only makes sense that you already have something in common if you work near her, shop near her or hang out where she does. This keeps life simple too if she’s a local, distance stretches a relationship and can add further stress.

Think about that cute girl in the coffee shop that keeps flirting when you get your coffee in your building or the rather hot accountant in office next door to your building, or maybe you use public transport and notice the same hot girl every day to or from work. wow why not test the waters see if there is any interest! Just not sure you can do it? Then read our Self Confidence with women E book, sign up now if you haven’t already. Or check out or health and confidence blogs.

5. Living next door to Alice ..

A once famous song where the guy really didn’t show his love (or lust!) and well ‘you snooze you loose’. If your interested you have to give it a shot. Know your neighbour but living in the neighbour/friend zone? Keeping an eye out to see who is coming and going? Well think about how you can move beyond the friend zone. Maybe she is thinking the same thing about you. But you need to see if she wants to go a bit further check out our blog on getting that first date.

Don’t know your neighbours but notice one (or two, or three…) that looks pretty darn nice. Take an opportunity when it arises to say high, learn about her, help her out. Just be cool and casual. But work to break the ice and loose the stranger tag.

Ever walk around the neighbourhood? Never know who might be there you might start seeing someone you might like to progress beyond a glance as you walk past. Why not say high when you see her. Break the ice, help her move that heavy garbage bin. Ask her where she has been, surely she cannot be from around here as you would never forget her once seen.

You never know your neighbour might have an emergency, all out of eggs and has people coming over or she cant reach the light globe.., You’ve broken the ice and now she knows a nice ‘hero’ in the neighbourhood that might be able to assist…All girls wanna meet a nice hero . Again check out the confidence and health articles if you feel a bit unsure about this approach. So when you next ask where to meet women maybe just look around where you live.

6. When out shopping.

If you see someone in a store your interested in think of the best way to open discussions. Maybe don’t try this if you’re in the lingerie section, remember the fact earlier about the importance of where you meet. But if it’s a store you regularly shop at or know the products really well you can probably provide some advice or assistance.

If she looking at wine tell her you think you know which she would like an use your knowledge. In a computer store if she’s at the end of a queue and looks like she needs some advise try and work out what she was looking at and help her out in choosing the right product or fixing that issue. There are many ways to be a dating hero and being helpful will be a great story to tell down the track when people ask how you met. You the hero helping a damsel in distress.

At the movies. Yes its true if you go to the movies you will often see a woman there alone. Single women in particular when their friends have partners or kids and cant get out as much anymore. Check it out next time you go.

You probably never go alone but why not go and see what happens. You might notice the same lady there a second time at the Sunday afternoon showing. That’s an opportunity to strike up a conversation, see what kind of movie she is attending. Everyone loves someone to go to the movies with and have a coffee and chat after. Why not give it a go she might even save a seat for you.

What are the best places to meet women?

Where to meet women? Well as you can see from the list above that is limited only by your imagination. But it should be driven by your interests and passions. There is a huge world out there and literally millions of single women. Communication opportunities means it has never been easier to meet. You just have to be willing to kick start a conversation. Make the initial move in a casual but confident manner.

The bottom line is when thinking about where to meet women it is anywhere you like. Where you go is probably where a women that matches you would go.

You may have the theory on dating and picking up but every experience is going to help you better understand what works best for you. So as Nike would say – Just Do It.