Dating tips for guys so she can’t say no

dating tips for guys so she can'r say no to that first date

dating tips for guys and build your self confidence6 dating tips for guys so she cannot say no to a first date.

It can be a bit nerve racking trying to get that first date. Trying to understand what women are looking for and what approach you should be using. Options have never been so open for women in finding the right guy. Women are also a lot more independent and expect more from their guys. You may need the right dating tips for guys to make it work.

This means that now more than ever you need to understand why she would say no to you. Always remember there is no one size fits all about what women are looking. It varies widely but there are a few basics that you need to know. Makes approaching women a lot easier if you know why they would say no don’t you think? Well you are in luck here are six key reasons.

Your standards are low

If you have set a pretty low benchmark on who you want to date and ask every woman you meet or chat to for a date, women can sense this. People like to feel a little ‘exclusive’. You need to make a person feel special and if you do that your chances of success are much greater. Think about the type of women you would like to date and focus on that. This does not mean you don’t change your ‘type’ or if someone outside you ‘type’ suddenly attracts your attention you should give it a shot but do not just try and get a date because she is female.

If you have a standard message you send out or your online profile makes it obvious that you will meet anyone then maybe look at your approach. If you call every girl you meet ‘love’ or ‘sexy’ or ‘sweetheart’ they will not be feeling very special.

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You have some different hobbies.

Women want to date real men not someone is stuck in their youth. Having some fun and doing a few childish things now and again is all good. But if a woman sees this childlike behaviour as a major part of your life then ohoh. It makes it a bit harder to convince her you would take their relationship seriously if you do start dating.

Your hobbies can tell a bit about you so think about which hobbies you tell her all about. If you have lifesize Star Wars characters in your bedroom then maybe don’t mention it for the first few dates. If you meet at a Star Wars convention or Comic Con you might get away with but otherwise keep it on a low profile.

Show her you are a serious guy when needs be on life matters. Once she knows this you may be able to bring out all your Star Wars memorabilia. She may be a closest Star Wars lover too! So the main dating tips for guys here is you must know your lady before you go too far with your uniqueness.

Unemployed and/or a bit short on cash

Being unemployed and/or have a distinct lack of cash it can be tough enough but when it also impacts on your dating it is not a great thing. If you are missing out on dates your lack of employment or cash could be contributing. The key to success is showing her that you are motivated and working towards a job and /or auctioning a savings plan.

Make sure you are at least trying to learn new skills. There are lots of free courses on the net or you can volunteer and get new skills. If cash is a major issue you might try this great budgeting advice. By the way volunteering can be a way to not only develop skills and contacts but maybe even a great chance to meet your next date. Check out or best places to meet women article. If you are just sitting around at home chatting up women on the net she will probably work this out and will not be too impressed.

If you do keep your self confidence up and show your motivation then unemployment can be less of an issue. Put in place a savings strategy and life could be on the up and up. You can have her develop faith that you will get there and are a solid guy. By downloading our self confidence with women  helps more than in just getting that next date or relationship.

The fact is basic dating tips for guys means you can not have a lot of money but you need to have confidence in yourself.

It cannot all be about you.

If you have had a few drinks and confidence is up you may approach that hot lady you have been checking out with clear intentions of something more than just a first date. Be warned. If she is looking for something a little more solid you will quickly blow your chances. Your first approach is very important.

Linkedin have an article on first impressions. The article shows that the impact the first 90 seconds has on you and the person you interact with. You set the relationship in these first critical moments so think about what you want the person you are meeting to think of you. A sleezy guy looking to hook up or a guy genuinely interested in knowing this lady. Make the first 90 seconds about her. Her perspective of you will be completely different if your focus is all about her and what she is looking for. Once you have her confidence all sorts of possibilities open up.

You just ain’t her type.

Let’s face it everyone has different tastes and these can change depending on what is happening in your life. There are many stories where someone didn’t like a person at first but one party just felt so much chemistry they persisted. But this is hard work and you have to know when trying to hard will simply not work. There can be a fine line between persistent, a very admirable quality, to creepy as outlined in this article in If you do persist just keep it cool.

Why doesn’t she like you? There could be many reasons many not personal. It could just be she is having a really hard time in life and doesn’t want to date anyone. Its possible she has a boyfriend or still getting over the last one. Maybe she just doesn’t feel the chemistry and doesn’t want to spend time with anyone unless there is that initial chemistry. Maybe her tarot card reader told here she would not meet a nice guy today. Everyone is different.

If you do really like her just accept the no gracefully. Remember if you really are a good match and it was just a timing issue another opportunity may come up where you come across each other. She will be pleased you took it gracefully and probably pretty flattered that you are still interested. But don’t rush it. Just keep making a good impression. Who knows even if you don’t get a date with her she may have a nice girlfriend looking for a nice guy like you and you have already shown you are a pretty solid guy so you may not need too many dating tips for guys.

Bringing it all together:

At the end of the day guys can over analysis why a woman won’t date them. Everyone’s life can be complicated and at some times more than others. If you keep coming up against a brick wall on the dating front then you may need to change a few things but often only small issues. there area  few simple straight forward dating tips for guys here so use them to your advantage.

Make sure you do keep reading all the info on this site, get on the email list for even more info and take it all in. Use it to learn so that you keep improving yourself and the way you approach women. You can be like Edison who didn’t fail 1,000 times but found 1,000 way not to make a light globe. But when he got there, wow, it was world changing. Same with you. Just keep learning about yourself, improving yourself and learning about women. You will soon start to get those dates.

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Look forward to hearing about your dating success.